Friday, August 9, 2013

My Bias in a Nutshell

Hello, World!

As you read things I publish here, you may wish to be aware of my biases. I have lots of them! Here are some.
First: nobody has a lock on the truth. 
Anytime a debate has raged between multiple large groups of people for centuries, I figure each side is onto something. When the peanut butter meets the chocolate, is when we get smarter. 
Second: tools are morally neutral. 
From data science to deception to fashion, we are surrounded by human innovations. Sometimes they work and sometimes don't. Sometimes help and sometimes harm. Sometimes they do what we expect them to, often not. They're tools. It's all in how we use them.  
Third: I'm just going to say it. The American perspective on all of these things is not the only perspective in the world.  
Many large, successful cultures now and throughout history look at this and many other issues differently than Americans. Learning from them is a great way to get perspective. See tenet #1.

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